Thursday, 17 November 2011

Lenny and Minnie Feline Superheroes


  1. Lenny and Minnie are two rescued cats who adopted me after a short stay at Cats Protection, Glasgow.

  2. Awwww Vee Lenny & Minnie are so beautiful and well done you for adopting them from CP. I support CP and my Mum and Dad rescued a Mother and Son, Lottie and Sammy. I have two furbabies who are also my crafty partners, Bert & Simone. They are my life. I am also disabled and they are amazing as they know when im poorly. They are indoor cats as Bert has epilepsy and on medication. They have access to the back garden which they like in the Summer time but they are not that bothered and have so many toys, beds and hidey places that they never get bored lol!!!. Hugs Clare xxx

  3. Thanks for taking a look, Clare, Yes CP are great I make cards for Glasgow Branch them and I am in middle of a wee story about that for a post. Lennie and Minnie have been through so much but have wonderful natures. xx


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