Sunday, 17 June 2012

some jewellery

Good Evening
Sorry I have not updated my blog for about a week. (hangs head in shame) 
I had a few hospital visits that ate into my time and energy so much that I was in slow motion the whole week.  I was crafting but the smallest thing took hours and I just kept falling asleep so suddenly it was more like passing out! I have been trying to rest as much as possible and am feeling a bit better.  
I am set for a big blog updating session tomorrow with DT cards for Kanban Crafts from last week and this week!!  Also some lovely news. Watch this space!!
Meanwhile I have posted a selection of jewellery that I posted last year! 
I hope you can see a difference in my presentation: I know I can. lol
I was just saying recently that I had not made jewellery for several months and was missing it . I am hoping that posting this will get me in the mood.!
I want to say thank you very much and send big hugs to all the lovely well-wishers who sent me good wishes, positive vibes; your support makes me stronger. I appreciate every thing you all do and say. 
Vee xx


  1. Hi Vee

    Is there no end to your talents, they all look wonderful.
    Will look in tomorrow to see your Kanban cards.
    and awaite you "NEWS"
    Hugs Janet

  2. Oh what lovely makes x hope ya feeling better xx


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