Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award

 Good Afternoon, Everyone
I find myself in the position of being allowed to nominate another person for The Versatile Blogger Award (reasons are confidenial but can be substantiated).
I am delighted to nominate  a young hard working, blogger:

Marleen Michaelis Gallagher

Marleen makes some outstanding projects and is balancing the busy lives of mother, blogger, artist, crafter and DT member. Please take the time to visit her lovely blog

With affection
Vee xx


  1. thank you sooo much hun, I so do appriciate it. And I love that you have called me young lol.
    BIG hugs hun, and thank you for being there xxxxx

  2. I am happy for you ,young Marleen. x

  3. Hi Vee, thanks for the add! Am now following you back and will be checking in regularly! Beautiful work :) xx

  4. Hello, Christine nice of you to stop by look forward to seeing more of you and I will be popping by to yours. Thank you for the nice compliment. xx

  5. Thank you for popping in Vee...
    Glad to have met you

    1. Hey, Chrissy, I have just visited you well done on all your awards and winning card!! Vee xx


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