Thursday, 7 June 2012

Kanban Crafts Canvas on Canvas Bag

This is the second of my posts sharing my projects for Kanban Crafts.

This was a lot of fun to do. 

When I make cards and jewellery for people, I use 
little Kraft tote bags which I decorate and embellish 
as I please! You may have seen some of my simple ones on 
my blog somewhere but I don't always
think to post them even though
they are often part of the theme. (naughty!)

When cards and projects are a bit larger,
I use these pure unbleached cotton tote bags.
I find it fun to decorate them and it is 
really a blank canvas!
I have used a variety of inks and embellishments
on these and some inks are quite successful but 
others seep in and spread.
I have tried priming the surface
before inking but because they are unbleached
it tends not to look too subtle. 
I keep experimenting though as I have 

I had it in mind for ages to make one for Kanban Crafts
and I have been collecting flowers, butterflies and hearts
from topper sheets that have had some left over 
from card making. 
So, this weekend I thought I would give it a go 
and this is what I came up with.
First of all I had a sheet of card with the logo (trademarked)
and I arranged the flowers, hearts and butterflies 
on the page. I shaped all the pieces and layered them 
rather high but I knew I was going to be 
transferring the image onto a canvas sheet and
wanted the images to be quite prominent.
Once I had the card as I wanted (below)

I photographed it and printed onto canvas (below). I used an A4 
adhesive sheet from Claudine Helmuth.

I then attached it to the bag.


  1. wow! I love how you have decorated the bag


  2. Lovely tote bag, very creative, wonderfully crafted and designed!

  3. WoW! It's Fabulous Vee....LOve it.


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