Saturday, 28 July 2012

Jems Designs Birthstone Fairies

Sapphire for September

Emerald for May

Good Morning, Everyone

As many of you will remember, I was recently lucky enough
to be selected for Jem's Designs Design Team.

Altough a reservist, I was given the opportunity recently to
work on the new double CD from 

called Birthstone Fairies.

Thank you Sue Anderson and Linda Ormsby who are 
Jem's Designs and also to 
the lovely lady and huge talent that is

for this opportunity.

I wanted to share some of my cards and projects with you.

I would like to add that many of my embellishments are available from

Michelle Flower

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to have some of my samples 
included in the TV shows by Sue Anderson of Jem's Designs on Create and Craft,
featuring this beautiful double cd.

The CD has a set of images and designs for each month of the year 
featuring a different character based around the gemstone 
associated with that month, the birthstone.

Each Birthstone Fairy has the most amazingly beautiful images, backgrounds and design sets.
The fairies all have individual styles from a hint of the dark to the more
innocent. They have beautiful skin, hair and features but striking not just pretty pretty! Each character has a distinctive personality and attitude. 

I have included a few images for the moment and will add more soon.
I have had some blogger issues recently and am hoping 
that it will behave today  and, although a lot of my blog page elements 
still need work, the posts are visible.
Vee xx

Peridot for August

There are inserts for different sizes of card; each style available
 with messages already added and blank for your own message
as I have added here.

Tanzanite for December 

I had decorated a cami and a canvas tote bag
which were featured on the Jem's Designs TV shows
but, unfortunately, I cannot located the original pics. However
 I had a spare and that is what I am posting here.
It is a slightly different sized image but it is similar.


  1. Vee these are fabby x I saw the show hee hee I got giddy for you when your name was mentioned xxxx well done xxx

  2. These are wonderful cards Vee. I love them xx Jan

  3. All of your samples are fantastic Vee. They are wonderful designs and beautifully finished x

  4. These are stunning Vee, I love the images and wonderful layouts. Well done on having some of your examples on the TV.

    hugs Sue

  5. wow vee well done but its no surprise these cards as well as your your others are simply stunning emma xxx

  6. Gorgeous cards Vee all of

  7. fantastic work Vee - tried to leave a comment on your steampunk creation last night too but blogger wasn't having it - so just for the record - loved it! Hugs xx

  8. Gorgeous cards Vee, well done for having your cards shown on tv. Chris xx

  9. Hi Vee, Who's a clever girl then! Your samples are amazing, I watched the 8am show but still have the afternoon one to see yet.

    You really are a very talented lady, who inspires everyone who visits your blog

    1. oh, Janet thank you so much Vee xx

  10. What beautiful work from a very talented lady :-)
    Love Lisa xxx

  11. thank you everyone for the lovely comments. Vee xx

  12. Gorgeous cards Vee, congrats on the TV exposure, well done talented lady!

  13. I love the new additions Vee. I saw the cami and bag on the show, both fantastic and the embellishment on the Peridot card is beautifully matched x

  14. Thank you very much everyone Vee xx

  15. Loving these Gems designs cards Vee How fabulous well done Hugs Elaine

  16. Thank you very much everyone I feel very lucky to have been given the opportunity by Jem's Designs Vee xx


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