Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Smeared and Smudged. Craftymess and Me

Good Afternoon, All

As many friends will know I am rearranging things in my DT commitments.
I am having a few days of R n R and see what comes to mind next!

Tomorrow I will be part of a one day blog hop with

and I hope you will check back for
 more exciting details tomorrow evening!

Some days I have been trying to enter the challenges at 

and they are such a cheery bunch they 
have worked wonders for me! 
I have to say they are quite the comedians at times
but all for the sake of a good laugh and 
a bit of warmth and fun if it is lacking elsewhere.

You guys are the best. 

So I thought I would post some of the little 
makes I have made for their challenges. These
makes are often flawed as I have
been chasing my own tail a bit
but they are not judgemental at
Craftymess but do like it if you take part so 
that is what counts as no 1 Be there!
whatever you make is fine with them. 
There are one or two wee things like use the topic and post by 9pm.
That is it really. 

So here are a few of my flawed but fun wee daily makes!
 Vee xx


  1. WOW! A Wonderful selection of creations Vee. I love how you use such a great range of images and designs and many different techniques too.
    Hugs Sue

  2. Great work Vee... Keep it up and it's great to have you back from your FB holiday :-) xxx

  3. fab work Vee - amazing number of creations - well done you - I love that bright one with the words and butterfly best - but they're all fab sweetie! Hugs rachel x

  4. Oh Vee your flawed work is fabulous, you make the most interesting designs.
    have fun during your R & R!

  5. This is all gorgeous work

  6. An amazing selection of your work Vee, I love all the variety x

  7. Beautiful simply stunning. Vee you never cease to amaze me by the different thing you do and your ideas. xxxx

  8. Hi Vee,
    They are all super, I cannot see any thing wronge with any of them.
    My Number 1 would be the 1920's girl, the image is beautiful, but the leave are stunning, and the railings are wonderful love all the little bows.

  9. What wonderful comments ladies thank you very much. Vee xx


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