Friday, 14 September 2012

Macabre Monday HDH150 "Oh My Gourd!!!"

Good Evening, All

I always thought this Nursery Ryhyme was off. So I had the Pumpkin Goodwife turn the tables on Peter. 
The challenge at

Had the perfect challenge; here is the remit.

You are to create a dark, Gothic, or Halloween-based art piece
 that utilizes, mimics, infers, or is otherwise obviously
gourd or pumpkin inspired.

Well, I have used a pumpkin rhyme, and altered something
digitally to make it look like a pumpkin. I have used 
it to make a dark piece and
 I think it fits the challenge theme.

I also used halloween colours and added 



I found a little trio of berries in a digi kit and brought it into

 Serif Craft Artist 2
(new today!!)
 I could not wait for the disc and 
downloaded it from Daisy Trail today!!
I may be in love!!

So, I cut the berries until I only had one, resized it and altered the color so it more closely resembled a pumpkin.(Work with me here!)

I used the eraser tool to make a "carved out" face  in the pumpkin and added a backing paper from a digi kit.

I had found this little royalty free image of a scared man
on the internet a while ago and had a few ideas of how to use him. I think this is one of those times!
I decided he was Peter and I put him in the Pumpkin Shell for a change! He! He! He!
I don't think he likes it in there lol!
I then added the Webby Corner here and there for effect. 

Vee xx 



  1. can't stop laughing Vee - so funny xxx

  2. Hee hee Vee, you've obviously had great fun playing. I love the rhyme, It's a bit gruesome for children though x

  3. Thanks for commenting Rachel and Andree xx Glad you had a laugh! I had so much fun making this!

    I know Andree but that was in the children's books!! Might not be these days! lol xxxx

  4. Wahahahaha - EXCELLENT Vee. This made me snort !!! Great take on the Challenge. Thank you for playing along at Haunted Design House this week. :-) xxxxxx

  5. I am so freaking delighted at the response! It is always a worry that things with humour just don't work. Thank you ladies I love you all.
    Vee xxxxxxxxxx

  6. Oh Vee you are brilliant, It made me laugh so much. love your take on the challenge, you really do have the most amazing ideas, Love Lise xxx

  7. I love it!
    It's so cool Vee...

    Thank you for taking up my challenge over at "Somewhere to be Me"

    Hugs Sandie xx

  8. Hahaha very funny. Thanks for sharing with us at Haunted Design House this week xx

  9. LOL soo funny, thanks for sharing with us at Haunted Design House :)

  10. Vee - I just had to giggle, thank you for putting a smile on this face. great project. Thank you for sharing this with us at MM @ HDH

  11. Im with everyone else, It put a smile on my face lol
    love the scared bloke. thanks for joining us at haunted design house

  12. I am SO pleased yu had a smile or laugh - thanks for letting me and I appreciate the visits and comments so much . Vee xx

  13. Hilarious! Love the nursery rhyme remake and fab digi work! Thanks for sharing with HDH. xxD

  14. I love how your mind works and your skill with digi-crafting. Great idea that definately matches the theme you are aiming for.


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