Sunday, 16 September 2012

Smudgy Antics Weekly Challenge: Sugar and Spice

Good Morning, All

As soon as I saw this challenge at Smudgy Antics this week
I knew exactly what I wanted to enter but time, life
health, etc etc etc got in the way!

I nearly made it though as
I only missed the deadline by minutes!
I am gutted!

The topic is sugar and spice and here is the rhyme I remember: 

 What are little boys made of?
Slugs and snails, and puppy dogs tails
That's what little boys are made of !"
What are little girls made of?
"Sugar and spice and all things nice
That's what little girls are made of!"

I always used to say yuck when I heard this!

(some people say snips and snails)  

This is  (was)  my entry for 

These images of Mr She and Mrs She are from 

LEJ Designs 

where new digis additions include a fab 

Steampunk Range 

of images and backing papers.

The Anatomy Skull is from 

Smeared Ink

The brilliant wooden embellishments are from

Crafty Emblies

Vee xx


  1. Oh Vee what a brilliant card, Love that image, it made me giggle, What a shame you missed the deadline, Oh Poo, Well I love it xxxx

  2. Hee hee (or should that be shee shee lol) that sure did give me a giggle too xx

  3. Brilliant Vee!! Gave me a chuckle this morning too!!

    Hugs Sue

  4. fab work Vee - love that basque! Hugs Rachel xx

  5. This is fantastic! It really made me laugh, love it, it's a shame you missed the deadline, you should leave a comment with a link just so that they can see your make, it's brill
    Lindsay xx

  6. glad you like it ladies lol had fun! xx ps I did Lindsay!! lol x x

  7. Brilliant vee so fun. Made me laugh. Sorry you were late for entering. Thanks for sharing at smudgy antics anyway

  8. Oh Vee, so sorry you missed the dead line. Great project, love all the crowns! Thanks for leaving you link so I could come see this! Hope you can play starting on Monday!
    (SA DT)

  9. Oh Vee, you've done me and Mr She proud, we love our outfits, loveing the crowns, hee hee hee xxxx

  10. Ha ha Vee! I love your sense of humour, this is such a brilliant card and it's a real shame you missed the deadline, thanks for showing it anyway. I love the corset too x

  11. Thats a nice card Vee sorry you missed time , maybe something else will be suitable for it xxx

  12. Bwaahahahaha! Brilliant! It stinks that you missed the deadline, but thank you for leaving a link for us to see. Here is my tip for you so you will not miss another deadline: Just have a blog title and a picture of your project on you blog. Publish it. Link it. Then you can go back and write about your project after it's been linked. That's what I do when I am running too close to a deadline. Thank you for playing and thank you even more for including some Smeared Ink images :)

  13. Sorry you missed the deadline, bummer, but your card is fabulous, love the humour!

  14. Ah such a shame you missed the deadline as this card is great, really put a smile ony face, hope your feeling better soon Px

  15. That is such a shame Vee - missing the deadline like that. and such a super project. Thank you for sharing with us at Smudgy Antics anyway. Lets hope you squeak in next week xxx

  16. Thanks very much for the comments; I really appreciate them so much and big thanks to Smudgy Antics DT for being kind enough to pop over to comment even although I missed the deadline. Vee xx
    Lady B that is a brilliant tip. It is very helpful thanks xxxx

  17. I love it and the new look is grand xxx


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