Saturday, 15 September 2012

What Comfort Zone?

Good Morning, All

This is a little 4 inch x 4 inch canvas I 
painted with acrylic paints from
Claudine Helmuth.

I used traditional tan, sky blue,
sable brown, landscape green.

I did it yesterday for the Craftymess Group
Daily Challenge.

I was so shy about it I posted it in the event and 
ran away, too embarrassed even to go back 
and comment on other people's entries!!
It was still wet when I entered it! lol

Then, in the wee small hours, I thought just do it, 
blog the thing.
And before you know it I did!

Don't worry about commenting  I know it is not good but
it was FUN! and I might just go and do it again
For More Fun!

That is what is the most important thing in my book.

Thank you to the Craftymessers for giving me
the strength, the love, to be less afraid.
You guys are among the best people in 
Facebook Land and Blog Land ever!!
Love you guys.

Vee xx


  1. Oh vee, hunnie this is bloody brilliant, we all make things and we all think our own work is rubbish, but trust me this is not rubbish at all, its gorjuss and lush and i adore it, thank you for your lovely message, but your just a big part of craftymess as well, loves ya chic xx

  2. Well Vee, you might not expect any comment but you'll get them, simply because your work is Gorgeous, and you are a Beautiful Lady and I'm honoured to have you as a friend...... xx

  3. Ah you are such a lovely lady... Ok so its not quite da Vinci but its you.. I love the colours and the flowers and the fact that you tried something new is awesome.. I have canvas I haven't even took out the packet... The more you do the more confident you'll be.. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said the magic word fun... Art is fun.. And when it's not fun, it's not art... I think your canvas is pretty and Im glad you blogged it, Px

  4. THIS IS NOT A COMMENT!!!! this is good actually vee i would love some backing paper like this. its always good to try something new glad you had fun doing it and considering doing more as i keep getting told 'don't put yourself down' not that i listen its always too easy to criticise yourself lol emma xx

    did i say i loved it xxx

  5. Wow Vee it is beautiful, love the blues in the flower and stlye and shape of them. I love the greens in the background, Makes the flowers really stand out.Is there anythinhg you can't do? You are a amazing, wonderful, gorgeous talented woman and I'm so glad you are my friend. Love you loads and be proud xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Hi Vee it's brill, honestly sometimes we do stuff we don't like but step away and when you return to it evrything will change. Or we step away cos there's something missing then we go back and mess and it works. My kids are so severe self critics, they have to learn to work on stuff, a couple of people would like to try journalling, which can be very daunting but I am thinking of doing steps by step so maybe you could try that too. Love Lou

  7. Vee your art work is fantastic, as it's been said before we are our own worst critics (me more than most lol). Just do what you love doing and that's being creative, good or bad (in your own opinion) it's come from the heart, YOU created a little piece of yourself and you've taken the courage to share it with the rest of the world. Huggles xxx

  8. Oh Vee, I don't think you need to worry. This is gorgeous, I love the colours.
    It's good to know that your crafty friends give you the confidence to try new ideas and I hope you will keep on showing us what you create.

    hugs Sue

  9. Vee you do make me lmao x you are a fabby friend don't ever ever change xxx its a lovely piece and I for one think it's fanbloodytastic xxxx

  10. Hello me Dear, if we all waited to create master-pieces the blogs would be pretty darn bare LOL. We need to get out of our comfort zone to try new things and to stretch ourselves. How else would we learn to express ourselves and our develope our creativity. Well done on your painting. Looking forward to seeing more.

  11. oh my dear miss sugar plum,you are one of the nicest kindest people I am lucky enough to have met,in my very short time on FB and crafty mess not only are you talented,you really are an inspiration to us all Hun,and this I Just love,the design hun is just first class so you just keep posting and creating on here hun as I for one,love you and what you do,so please take care,and I am sending you the,warmest and biggest hug,lots of love Cherylxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. This is really cool Vee - I love the colours. I can imagine it in a beautiful blue frame. Lovely :-)
    I reckon it would also go really nice with some Gothic stamps put on top of it too :-D xxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. its beuatiful Vee - love it xx

  14. I am so very touched by your kindness and love thank you very much. I am so lucky to have such awesome people in my life. Vee xx

  15. Vee!! We love you and we love when you enter our challenges and when you join in the banter on the group and make people laugh. We are a friendly group and want friendly lovely crafters in there!
    Your work is beautiful and always is.... The challenge isn't set to get the next 'create and craft demonstrator' it is set to make people craft Bd have fun while doing it.
    Since joining craftymess I have met some fantastic friends who (without sounding dramatic) have saved my life!!! I enjoy being in that group and I love being made to laugh and being picked on and being able to craft and not have anyone think 'wow that's shit' lol

    You disappear again and I meant it, we will hunt you down, use all your craft stuff an then knock some sense into you :-)

    Love ya, love me, you are an important member of the group...we need OAPs to keep Moira and Sandra company xxxxxxxx

  16. Vee! This is BEAUTIFUL, how can you say it's not good? And to think you tell me off mrs(am tutting and waving my fingers at you right now) it's gorgeous, absolutely love it
    Lindsay xx

  17. I am sorry for upsetting you LIndsay! boy you must really be annoyed! lol I am humbled you like it thank you xx

  18. Well I think is is quite lovely and I have sure seen a lot worse. I think anybody who can pick up a paintbrush an create a recognizable object such as your wonderful 4 x4 is truly talented. You seem to be good at whatever you tackle amazing lady!

  19. Don't put yourself down Vee, it's a fabulous canvas. I love the the fresh look of the flowers, it's a very cheerful creation x


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