Friday, 10 November 2017

Christmas Cards and sorry

Hello, Everyone!
Well it has been a long time since I blogged but here goes. I have been making some Christmas cards, a mixture of designs using die cuts I made and others using toppers, nothing too taxing these days!
I also need to offer an apology as it only recently came to my attention that the winner of the candy on the previous post was not only not announced but not sent!
This was owing to a mixture of moving house, health issues and relying on other people. The winner was the lovely Dawn Lancaster and, being the true lady she is, was not at all annoyed with me when I got in touch with her this week and sent out candy and I hope others will follow her example!
Peace, Vee xx


  1. Hello Vee, it sure is lovely to hear from you! I hope you are all settled into your new home and are keeping well.
    Best wishes for the future.
    Linda xxx

  2. How wonderful to hear from you Vee. That's a pretty assortment of papers and die-cuts for your cards. I hope you are enjoying your new home and better health xxx

  3. Happy Christmas! You seem to have had a busy time, so I hope you can get some rest now!


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